Sift News “Climate Change and Mental Health” Podcast The Sift News Therapy App created this helpful "Climate Change and Mental Health" podcast. It features interviews with myself, psychiatrist Dr. Lise Van Susteren, and Dr. Kyle Whyte of Michigan State University. If you are interested in climate change and coping, I recommend this podcast. [Side note: The interviews took place this summer after [...]

Thomas Doherty on The Openist | Podcast of Democracy Café / Socrates Café

From the Openist Podcast: How can you sculpt a life that's as healthy as it is sustainable? How do you meet the challenge of finding a meaningful balance in your relationship with nature and technology? Dr. Thomas Doherty, a licensed psychologist in Oregon, has some profound insights on these questions that are as timely as [...]

Feeling helpless about the future of the planet? Now there’s a 9-step program for that | Fusion

Imagine Alcoholics Anonymous mixed with an environmental humanities course and you’ll begin to get a sense of the ”good grief” group started by Schmidt. Its goal is to help people cope with what’s been called “climate grief”— anxiety, sadness, depression, and other emotions provoked by awareness of the planet’s march toward a hotter, less biologically [...]

Thomas Doherty Q/A featured in Portland Monthly Magazine Health

    Thomas Doherty was featured in the July Health Section of Portland Monthly Magazine and mentioned in Zach Dundas' editor's note, Living the Good Life, PDX-Style. Thomas discusses how connecting with nature make us healthier and that time outdoors correlates with mental health. Thomas talks about ecopsyhcology and personal sustainability which includes getting enough rest and exercise. Thomas [...]

Thomas Doherty on Radio New Zealand “Ideas”

from Sunday Morning on Sunday 17 March 2013 The idea that the environment has an impact on our physical health is indisputable - but what impact is environmental degradation having on our mental health? Can psychology offer insights into how to improve our environment? Ideas talks to Thomas Doherty, editor of the Ecopsychology journal; University of [...]

Ecopsychology: Discovering the connection between sustainability and mental health with Thomas Doherty

Thomas was interviewed by Whole Terrain | a journal of Reflective Environmental Practice. Ecopsychology: Discovering the connection between sustainability and mental health with Thomas Doherty   Thomas Doherty holds two visions of the globe at an Antioch New England speaking event in December. (Photo by Hanna Wheeler) What’s the connection between mental health [...]

Austrian & Swiss Press • SonntagsZeitung, Süddeutsche, & Profil

" We want to explore how people experience nature, so that they cultivate an intact emotional connection to nature and act responsibly in it" Thomas Doherty was featured in the Austrian & Swiss Press in: SonntagsZeitung February 2010 Süddeutsche March 2010 Profil April 2010

Play Again • Portland screening

Thomas Doherty is featured in a film called PLAY AGAIN, a documentary that investigates the consequences of a childhood removed from nature,  from Portland documentary film makers Ground Productions. PLAY AGAIN enjoyed a SOLD OUT premiere screening at the Bagdad Theater on Monday, May 15th, 2010. PLAY AGAIN will have its world premiere at FICMA, [...]

This Side of Paradise: Discovering Why the Human Mind Needs Nature

Thomas Doherty was featured in the Association for Psychological Science APS Observer on the topic of ecopsychology's research directions and the restorative effects of natural environments. See article below as published originally HERE. This Side of Paradise Discovering Why the Human Mind Needs Nature By Eric Jaffe Today, Central Park seems as essential to Manhattan as [...]

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Green Counselors • New Hampshire Public Radio

Thomas Doherty talked with Virginia Prescott from New Hampshire Public Radio's Word Of Mouth as part of their "Next Green Thing" series about helping couples resolve their environmental disagreements. See article and interview below as published originally HERE. Green Counselors It used to be that couples fought about who cooks dinner and taking [...]