This is a fully online group, presented in English, and open to participants worldwide. The group meets monthly for 90 minutes. There are two cohorts to better serve various time zones.

Description of a Typical Group

  • Greetings
  • Opening Exercise or Ritual (led by a group member)
  • Clarification of agenda and presentations
  • Case presentation(s) and discussion
  • Educational Component (e.g., didactic presentation, role play, exercise, reflective activity, reading, video, etc.)
  • Group Discussion and Process
  • Clarification of Take-aways and Next steps
  • Closing Exercise or Ritual

Dr. Doherty will sequence education activities and respond in process to emergent topics in the group


The group begins in September 2021. Contact Dr. Thomas Doherty for details.

Day of week to be determined (tentatively Thursdays)

9 AM Pacific Time / 12 PM Eastern Time / 6 PM Central European Time

4 PM Pacific Time / 7 PM Eastern Time / 9 AM Australian Eastern Time