Hands holding a glass globe of the world.

Ecotherapy and Climate Therapy Consultation with Dr. Thomas Doherty is a resource for the health care professionals supporting the general public to navigate social and ecological challenges in the 21st century. This will benefit practitioners looking for more expert guidance and peer support for eco- or nature-based therapy work and serves a new generation of “climate conscious” healthcare providers.

Eco- and Climate Therapy Consultation is based on a three-phase process in which mental health practitioners:

  1. Assess their environmental identities, beliefs and experiences (including sources of wellbeing and resilience, and of trauma or injustice)
  2. Adapt their existing therapeutic orientations and skill sets to ameliorate common environmental impacts and concerns faced by their clients or patients
  3. Apply these interventions, as appropriate, into their counseling and treatment efforts with diverse individuals

Individual or group consultation is open to practitioners across disciplines including psychotherapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers, medical professionals, and other healthcare providers.

Dr. Doherty uses a pragmatic and integrative approach that honors diverse orientations or philosophies regarding therapy. He helps professionals adapt and apply common approaches and techniques in an eco- and climate context (e.g., cognitive-behavioral, existential-humanistic, mind-body, interpersonal, psychodynamic, family systems, animal-assisted and other approaches).