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How can you sculpt a life that’s as healthy as it is sustainable? How do you meet the challenge of finding a meaningful balance in your relationship with nature and technology? Dr. Thomas Doherty, a licensed psychologist in Oregon, has some profound insights on these questions that are as timely as they are rather timeless.

I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths on several occasions these last years with Dr. Doherty, an award winning psychologist based in Portland, Oregon who is internationally recognized for his research on nature and mental health, as well as on the psychological impacts of global climate change.

He and I both attend a fascinating annual get-together of scholars and practitioners called the Summit for a Globally Sustainable Self, which most recently was held in Banff, Canada (where my wife Ceci gave a presentation on her longtime labor of love helping indigenous communities in Mexico thrive in a sustainable way, and where I facilitated a philosophical inquiry that included children and adults as equals).

Dr. Doherty has a wide array of clients, including healthcare and technology professionals, and those who work in sundry fields dedicated to solving our most pressing social and environmental conundrums. He also helps couples achieve shared life goals.

Listen in to Dr. Doherty’s wealth of insights on how to sculpt a healthy, sustainable life flourishes in ways that also enhance the blossoming of society on local and global scales.

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Published by Thomas Doherty

Psychologist Thomas Doherty's work on environmental sustainability and health has been featured in publications like the New York Times and in talks worldwide. Thomas consults with individuals and organizations through his business Sustainable Self. He was the founding Director of the Ecopsychology Certificate Program at Lewis & Clark Graduate School and Founding Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed academic journal Ecopsychology. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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