Eco- and Climate Consultation is:

  • Directed toward licensed, certified, chartered or otherwise credentialed mental health professionals who have established their basic education and practice. (Dr. Doherty also offers a free quarterly student mentoring group.)
  • Practice-based. We discuss, in confidence, actual case studies and examples from the group members’ work. As in other consultation settings, we explore origins and causes of individual’s problems, diagnosis and effective labeling of problems, and treatment strategies.
  • Deeply personal. We reflect on our own sense of self, our environmental identity, our values, our ethics, gender, sexual orientation, our privilege and experience of injustice — all the intersections we inhabit.
  • Transdisciplinary and integrative. We discuss and employ a variety of psychotherapy and counseling theories and techniques. We also address issues that fall between disciplinary silos – or might be marginalized.
  • Evidence-based, with recognition of the limitations of a human-centric scientific worldview and honoring of multiple ways of knowing including spirituality and holism.
  • Continuing Education. Credit hours are dependent on the participants’ credential and licensing rules. Documentation of content and contact hours is available.

What Eco- and Climate Consultation is not:

  • The group is not an activist training program. The experience of bearing witness to social and ecological issues is at the core of the group’s mission. But the group is primarily directed toward the support and development of healing professionals. The group provides a space to reflect, and gain perspective on advocacy and activism appropriate to each member.
  • This group is not meant for members of the general public. Please contact Dr. Thomas Doherty about options for personal or group consultation.
  • The group does not provide any certification in ecotherapy or climate therapy at this time.

Do I need to have previous experience in ecotherapy?

Experience in ecotherapy or outdoor therapy is not required. A goal of the group is to adapt the provider’s existing skill set to address the environmental concerns of their clients and patients.

What if I am being supervised as a licensure candidate or postdoctoral researcher?

Advanced licensure candidates may be appropriate for the consultation group if the experience complements their training requirements. Please contact Dr. Thomas Doherty to discuss.

What if I am an alternative provider, or do not have a mental health degree?

Dr. Doherty recognizes that some individuals may have unique expertise that that provide a basis to use this consultation group effectively. Please contact Dr. Doherty to discuss your participation.

What if I am a student?

Dr. Doherty provides a free quarterly student group. Please contact him for dates and access.

What if I have experienced natural disasters or nature-based trauma?

Climate change impacts are no longer distant in time or location. Individuals around the world, including those in affluent societies, are experiencing climate-related disasters. So, some experience of disasters is expected. However, the consultation service is not designed to address untreated trauma or mental health injuries among the participants. Please contact Dr. Doherty for other avenues of support.

What if I am questioning my suitability for the group, or need accommodations?

Historically, stereotypes and discrimination has been associated with outdoor recreation and environmental activities.  In truth, all humans have a rightful and worthy place in nature. Please contact Dr. Doherty about your fit and comfort with the consultation.

What technology and equipment are required?

The consultation group requires a reliable internet connection, hardware and software to access Zoom-style synchronous video conferencing, and a phone or skype connection as back up. Contact Dr. Thomas Doherty if you have technical questions.

What are the environmental impacts of the group?

This is an online service utilizing video conferencing software and possibly other methods such as telephone or chat. The nature of the service mitigates many impacts of travel or in-person conferencing. There are impacts associated with power generation and the industrial processes associated with raw materials and manufacture of computer and telephone technology. Dr. Thomas Doherty uses sustainable business practices and offsets the carbon impacts of his work and travel using programs such as Native Energy.