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Nature-Health-Access Portland Forum 2014

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Dr. Thomas Doherty will help you reach your goal of creating a life that feels healthy and sustainable, in balance with nature and technology.

Dr. Thomas Doherty is an award winning professional psychologist from Portland, Oregon, USA. His clients include healthcare and technology professionals, and people in various fields working to solve social and environmental problems. He also helps couples achieve shared life goals. Dr. Doherty welcomes people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

Thomas Doherty is internationally recognized for his research on nature and mental health and the psychological impacts of global climate change. He provides training and support for mental health professionals worldwide who are addressing eco-anxiety and climate change.

“He taught me to see sustainability from a holistic perspective and the importance of caring for myself first before reaching out to help others.”

35-year-old male client


In-person and long distance counseling, therapy and coaching. Learn mindfulness and life skills to improve your mood and reduce stress.

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Move counseling and therapy outdoors to develop your environmental identity and learn nature-based stress reduction techniques.

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Training and supervision for mental health professionals worldwide who seek to address climate change.

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