What we work on in our sessions is resonating in other parts of my life. I find myself sharing your advice with my friends and colleagues.

— 39-year-old-male, health care entrepreneur

Before I worked with Thomas, I felt trapped by my environmental ethics in an unfulfilling career. I was living a sustainable lifestyle but was an unsustainable human on a personal level. Thomas helped me find the confidence and tools to pursue my dream career, find success and happiness, and reconcile this with my environmental ethics. He taught me to see sustainability from a holistic perspective and the importance of caring for myself first before reaching out to help others.

— 35-year-old-male, individual psychotherapy and coaching

I feel like I always walk away from a session with a one-liner [of advice], something that resonates.

— 43-year-old female, individual counseling and coaching

I very much appreciated our sessions, and still use the tools/frameworks we talked about.

— 31-year-old male, individual psychotherapy and coaching

I began working with Dr. Doherty as a means of learning about myself. I was prone to anxiety and depression… I realized I needed to attend to myself as a whole person and that by compartmentalizing myself I had lost perspective and had a tendency to focus on the negative aspects of my life and allowed them have undue sway over my life.  Outwardly, I was able to project the image of a competent husband, father and professional, but internally I felt out of balance. In short, I felt broken. Dr. Doherty help me challenge that perspective and I continue to grow to this day.

— 39-year-old male, psychotherapy and coaching

Thomas encouraged me to seek the warrior in myself… I carry with me a new-found sense of personal strength and fortitude to balance and support my emotional responses.

43-year-old female, individual counseling

…I also approach new relationships differently now. I understand where some of my own stuff was coming from and am now aware of it and able to control it and more importantly, recognize it.

33-year-old female, individual psychotherapy

[We] wanted to share with you our gratitude about the help you provided us. Your recommendations and observations were practical, straightforward and actionable and that is what we needed in the short amount of time we had with you prior to this impending life-changing event. After every session …  we felt a renewed confidence in our relationship and buoyed from our often-misplaced gravity.  We would be inspired to remind ourselves of the more expansive perspective you offered to two people who can get overly mired in the day-to-day minutiae, allowing it to gain a life of its own.

Thank you, too, for encouraging the birthing class, the shower and photo session. We probably wouldn’t have moved forward with those without your encouragement, downplaying their significance. They all turned out to events with unpredictably heartfelt impact and we remarked about nearly having missed those opportunities for growth, intimacy and allowance of others’ positive energies! My childhood friend … , who is an artist, photographed us – singly and together – and it was a very singular and moving experience.

— 45 year-old female and 43 year-old male, Couples Counseling

I am certain that our brief time together has helped me immensely in getting me to where I want to be … I have no doubt that it has benefited my relationship with [my partner] and how I am dealing with an emerging adult [my son].

51-year-old male, marriage and family therapy

I had a concept of sustainability …although it was more toward renewable resources and preservation of our environment and sketchy with self … I came to a realization that to truly experience sustainability it first needs to begin with myself…

50-year-old male, substance abuse treatment and coaching

I have benefited from Dr. Thomas Doherty’s counseling skills over several years …. His intelligence, non-judgmental style, calm temperament and balance of rational advice with emotional understanding engendered immediate trust and a positive dynamic towards a number of improvements in myself and in my partner. Dr. Doherty’s knowledge of research and his professional experience combine to provide new perspectives and approaches, with concrete suggestions for changing behaviors and thinking … that were very useful for improving my partner relationship significantly. The monster roller coaster ride is over! I feel stronger and my daily life is manageable and happy again. I can highly recommend Dr. Doherty.

64-year-old-female, marriage and family therapy

The shit you said worked!

35-year-old male, individual and couple’s counseling

All quotes are used with permission.