Thomas Speaking at TAO Health Ignite
Thomas Speaking at TAO Health Ignite

Thomas Doherty is an engaging public speaker who has presented talks and workshops to professional and governmental organizations, universities, businesses, and community groups. The hallmarks of Thomas Doherty’s talks include his ability to connect with diverse individuals, honor their values, and promote creativity and empowerment.

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 Talk Examples

  • Webinar “Nature, Climate Change and Mental Health.” 90 minutes. American Psychological Association, Psychologist’s Toolbox Series, October 15, 2020
  • Technology Association of Oregon Lunch and Learn: Rebooting your Personal Operating System for the New Year. Portland, Oregon, January 2020
  • Webinar: Practical Strategies for Coping with the Emotional Toll of Conservation Work. Antioch New England Graduate School Conservation Psychology Program. March 2019.
  • Global City Teams Challenge / Technology Association of Oregon. Panel Leader: Opening Up a Dialog on Environmental Health and Equity. Portland Oregon, June 2018
  • Mental Health Impacts of Global Climate Change: Beyond a Disaster Framework. Global Mental Health Seminar, Columbia University, Global Mental Health Program, New York, NY. November 2016.
  • Workshop: Hispanic Culture & Discovering Your Environmental Identity. Vive Northwest 1st Annual Conference, Culturally Diversifying the Outdoors. Portland, Oregon, October 2016
  • Webinar: Impacts of Climate Change on Mental Health. CalBRACE Local Health Departments Partnership Community of Practice. California Department of Health. November 12, 2015
  • Keynote Address: The Psychology of Wilderness. US National Park Service, Forest Service, Fish & Wildlife and BLM: 2015 Interagency National Wilderness Training, Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center, Missoula, MT June 2015
  • New Zealand Department of Conservation. Planner and Lead facilitator. Conservation Psychology Institutes. Auckland and Wellington, NZ, May 2014
  • Port of Portland. The Psychology Behind Sustainable Practices–At Work and At Home. February 2012.
  • Esalen Institute. Master of Two Worlds:Manifesting Personal Sustainability in Your Life and Work. Big Sur, California. April 2011
  • Keynote Address: Self-Sustainability – Keeping Motivation and Inspiration in Our Lives. 33rd Annual Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Education Conference. Gleneden Beach, Oregon October, 2010).
  • Master of Two Worlds: Psychology Tools for Agents of Change. Friends of the Earth & Psychologists for Social Responsibility Strategy Session: The Role of Psychology in Environmental Campaigning and Activism. Washington, DC. September 2010.

Anatomy of a Talk: Master of Two Worlds (M2W)

This talk is inspired by the final stage of the well-known “Hero’s Journey” metaphor. Once the hero has completed his or her trials and adventures, their challenge is to manifest their vision in the “real world” of their community, organization  or society —  to be a “Master of Two Worlds.” In this talk, Thomas Doherty applies the M2W model to creatives and change agents who carry with them a vision of innovation or sustainability and labor daily to foster this vision in their organizations and communities. The talk also shows how the M2W model corresponds with research on leadership, motivation, and preventing burnout.