Thomas Speaking at TAO Health Ignite

Thomas Speaking at TAO Health Ignite

Thomas Doherty is an engaging public speaker who has presented talks and workshops to professional organizations, universities, businesses, and community groups. The hallmarks of Thomas Doherty’s talks include his ability to connect with diverse individuals, honor their values, and promote creativity and empowerment. Thomas can speak to topics such as “personal sustainability” (looking at personal health, energy and motivation from a sustainability lens), positive effects of nature activities for creativity and productivity, outdoor and wilderness activities for personal restoration, and understanding and working with diverse world views about environmental issues. See Thomas Doherty’s Video Page.


 Talk Examples

  • “Nature-Health-Access–Environmental Justice and Access to Restorative Nature in the Portland Metro Area,” June 2014
  • “Parenting with Nature in Mind” Lewis & Clark Graduate School. April 2014
  • “How Green is Your Love? Couples and Environmental Issues.” Portland Green Drinks. March, 2011
  • Keynote Address: “Self-Sustainability – Keeping Motivation and Inspiration in Our Lives.” 33rd Annual Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Education Conference. Gleneden Beach, Oregon October, 2010).
  • “Master of Two Worlds: Psychology Tools for Agents of Change.” Friends of the Earth & Psychologists for Social Responsibility Strategy Session: The Role of Psychology in Environmental Campaigning and Activism. Washington, DC. September 2010.


Anatomy of a Talk: Master of Two Worlds (M2W)

This talk is inspired by the final stage of the well-known “Hero’s Journey” metaphor. Once the hero has completed his or her trials and adventures, their challenge is to manifest their vision in the “real world” of their community, organization  or society —  to be a “Master of Two Worlds.” In this talk, Thomas Doherty applies the M2W model to creatives and change agents who carry with them a vision of innovation or sustainability and labor daily to foster this vision in their organizations and communities. The talk also shows how the M2W model corresponds with research on leadership, motivation, and preventing burnout.