Finding a style that fits for you

As a doctorally-trained psychologist and an educator of counselors, Dr. Thomas Doherty has the skills and experience to custom tailor an approach based on the unique needs and preferences of his clients. Rather than a one-size fits all style, he draws from different approaches that are known to be effective. Some frameworks that many people find helpful include:

  • Multicultural Competency: Begin with the recognition that race, class, ethnicity,  gender and sexual orientation influence mental health and wellbeing
  • Existential-Humanistic:  Connect with your innate potential for psychological growth and clarify your sense of meaning in life
  • Cognitive-Behavioral: Actively explore the mechanics of thoughts and feelings and try out new behaviors
  • Interpersonal: Strengthen relationships with others and learn how early childhood experiences help create the mental maps that guide people in adulthood
  • Developmental: Develop a better understanding of how one’s cognitive and emotional abilities and the tasks expected by their culture evolve over the course of life. Address stage of life crises.
  • Mind-Body: Use relaxation, breathing and mental focusing to reduce stress, develop calmness and clarity and improve performance
  • Ecopsychology: Broaden your perspective to include sense of place, connections with other species and the natural world, and a global sustainability ethic
  • Transpersonal: Align your work with a sense of the transcendent or a higher power, or with your religious and spiritual tradition

What happens during a meeting?

During a meeting, you will take a close look at your ingrained habits and personality styles, family and cultural experiences, and day-to-day activities. As a first step in making positive changes in yourself and the world, Thomas will help you create practices of mindfulness and self-nurturing that provide a base for long-term, sustainable success.  Techniques and activities include:

  • Building a safe & trusting relationship
  • Providing up-to-date information about the science of psychology and mind-body health
  • Crafting goals that are realistic and push your growing edge
  • Using methods appropriate to your beliefs and culture
  • Learning to recognize and trust your feelings and experiences in the present moment
  • Role playing, communication practice, and skills building exercises
  • Track your experiments with new behaviors and new relationships
  • Designing personal growth activities: reading, writing, watching films, spending time outdoors, exercising, traveling, retreats, adventures
  • Making sure you are meeting your own standards and ethics

“Sustainable Self has given me a greater awareness and confidence in approaching life.”

43 year old male client