Adults: How does one define an adult? One marker of adulthood is taking responsibity for your life and for changes you want to see personally and in the world. Another marker of adulthood is knowing your patterns and recognizing when you are using out-dated thinking or re-living the same kinds of relationships. The people that come to Sustainable Self are healthy individuals who are working on improving their lives.

Couples and Families: Dr. Thomas Doherty also helps a diverse range of couples who are seeking to improve their communications, resolve issues, or take on a new shared identity such as becoming married,  becoming parents, or becoming divorced co-parents.

Values Outside of Yourself: A special focus of Dr. Thomas Doherty’s work is recognizing and honoring people’s relationship with the natural world and the planet, and their desire to be ethical citizens who are contributing to the greater good. For many people, this is an important part of their identity and well-being. Thomas Doherty makes a place in individual, couples and group work to talk about these important issues.