Thomas Doherty’s activities have been featured in over twenty media publications. In 2010, The New York Times Sunday Magazine called Thomas Doherty “the most prominent American advocate of a growing discipline known as ‘ecopsychology.’”  Learn more about Thomas Doherty’s recent activities at the Personal Sustainability blog.

Some recent media examples:

The Oregonian • April 2014

“Parenting with Nature in Mind”

Spokane Spokesman Review • May 2011

Thomas was interviewed by Spokesman-Review on the topic of weather patterns, global climate change, and their effects on anxiety and mood.

 APS Observer • May 2010

Thomas Doherty was featured in the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Observer on the topic of ecopsychology research and the restorative effects of contact with natural environments.

SonntagsZeitung, Süddeutsche, Profil • February, March & April 2010

Thomas Doherty was featured in the German, Swiss & Austrian Press in:

Detroit Metro Times • April 2010

Thomas Doherty was featured in Detroit’s Metro Times on the topic of ecopsychology, and the health benefits of urban gardening and reclaimed green spaces.

Gaiam Life Magazine • March 2010

Thomas Doherty was featured in Gaiam Life offering advice on how to “go green without guilt.”

The New York Times Magazine • January 2010

Is There an Ecological Unconscious? by Daniel B. Smith. See article.

The New York Times • January 2010

Preserving the Planet, Straining the Relationship: Therapists Report Increase in Green Disputes by  Leslie Kaufman. See article

The Oregonian • May 2009

Nature in our nature; The best natural healer turns out to be nature by Dennis Peck. The field of ecopsychology links mental health with the ecosystem and our place in it.  See article pdf

The New York Times • February 2008

Thomas and other Portland psychologists were interviewed about Ecopsychology and people’s concerns about environmental issues.  See article

Portland Tribune • October 2007

Thomas’ work on sustainability was featured in the Portland Tribune on October 9, 2007.  See article pdf