Happy Earth Day, Love Daddy and Mama

— A developmental perspective leads to insights about how to celebrate Earth Day with children, in ways that may lead to deeper connections and activities as they grow older.
Inspired by my recent research and talks on “parenting and nature” and being more attentive to the presence and urgency of parent-child communications given my wife Chelsea’s condition […]

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Parenting With Nature in Mind with Thomas Doherty

Parenting With Nature in Mind

Date: WED April 9

Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Lewis & Clark Graduate Campus, South Chapel
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Join Thomas Doherty, director of the Ecopsychology program at Lewis & Clark, for a public dialogue on the importance of nature in child development and ways families can cope with environmental issues.

Through presentation of research […]

Thomas Doherty Animal Rights Talk — “Values about Animals”

Thomas Doherty discusses “Values about Animals” at the Lewis & Clark Human-Animal Studies Conference on January 25, 2014.

How people think about and value other animals, and diversity of attitudes based on different value sets.

Thomas Doherty, a professor of Psychology at the Graduate School of Education and Counseling, will focus on basic values that people have […]

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November 20th IFMA Luncheon: The Psychology of Sustainability Behavior

“The Psychology of Sustainability Behavior:
Implications for Facilities Managers”

November Luncheon, Presentation and Tour

Presented by Thomas Joseph Doherty
for the 
IFMA – International Facility Management Association – Oregon & SW Washington Chapter

WED NOV 20, 2013



Port of Portland HQ
7200 NE Airport Way
Portland, Oregon 97218

Session Description:

This talk will provide a framework to help you understand some different ways that people think […]

WORKSHOP: Applying Classic Theories of Human Development in the Context of Nature and Social Justice

Applying Classic Theories of Human Development in the Context of Nature and Social Justice

This interdisciplinary talk, suitable for counselors and educators, looks at some classic theories of human development in the modern context of people’s relationship to nature and other species.

For example, we will integrate Piaget’s theory of cognitive development with educator David Sobels’ principles […]

Thomas Doherty on Radio New Zealand “Ideas”

from Sunday Morning on Sunday 17 March 2013

The idea that the environment has an impact on our physical health is indisputable – but what impact is environmental degradation having on our mental health? Can psychology offer insights into how to improve our environment? Ideas talks to Thomas Doherty, editor of the Ecopsychology journal; University of Auckland […]

Mindfulness and Sustainability: Zen practices for a resilient self and planet With Thomas Doherty and Gregory Hill

We will explore the intersections of personal and environmental sustainability in the light of Zen Buddhist teaching and practice.

Participants will work to recognize, validate, and celebrate their perceptions and emotions regarding the natural environment, nurture themselves, and engage in grounded action that manifests their unique sustainability visions.

The day will also have an introduction to mindfulness […]

Conservation Psychology Institute – San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research


Tuesday afternoon – October 15, 2013
Friday noon – October 18, 2013
San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research
Escondido, California

Antioch University New England has joined together with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and San Diego Zoo Global to run an intensive 4-day Conservation Psychology Institute (CPI). The Institute is designed for professionals in museums, zoos, […]

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Dr. Thomas Doherty’s Brown Bag presentation at Port HQ: Sort It And Win Program

Portsmouth: Sort It And Win Program a Success
By Erin Anderson

October 2012

There are more than 30 food and beverage retailers at PDX serving over a million passengers each month generating over $4,000,000 in sales—and tens of thousands of pounds of food waste!

PDX began collecting food waste in 2003 and to date has diverted more than […]

Ecopsychology in Counseling Certificate Info Session – November 6th at Lewis & Clark

Ecopsychology in Counseling Certificate Info Session
Date: November 6 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Lewis & Clark – Graduate Campus, South Chapel

Please join us for an Information Session to learn more about Lewis & Clark’s Ecopsychology in Counseling Certificate program.

The Ecopsychology in Counseling Certificate explores the relationships between mental health, well-being and the natural environment […]

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