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An International Women’s Day Reflection on Ecofeminism

In Honor of International Women’s Day, a guest post from my colleague Darrin Gunkel
–Thomas Doherty

While International Women’s Day is technically a labor-oriented holiday, with roots in the communist world, women’s work is often at the heart of ecofeminist discussion. Or perhaps I should say ecofeminism discussions, since painting the movement with one sweeping stroke effectively […]

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Looking back on 2014: Nature-Health-Access Workshop at Lewis & Clark

One of the local events I am most proud of from 2014 is the Nature-Health-Access workshop that I created at Lewis and Clark this past summer.  A great group came together to discuss issues in access to healthy green spaces among different cultural groups in the Portland area.

— Thomas Doherty

Earlier this year a group of […]

“Psychology and Nature” Video

On Wednesday, November 19, 2014, I recorded a short video on “Psychology and Nature” with psychology professor Tatiana Snyder and videographer Michael Annus of Portland Community College (PCC).

Tatiana has collaborated with Michael to create a series of videos for students about psychologists who do interesting kinds of work, including sports psychology and neuropsychology.

Tatiana was originally interested in […]

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A note about the vote…


All respect to Russell Brand and to those who do not vote out of principle. To others, make sure to get your ballot in. I’m big on voting—even if it’s not as much fun as my first vote in the mysterious old curtained mechanical voting booths in Buffalo, or as classic as putting my paper […]

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Welcome to the Anthropocene?



Hi Folks,

I’m not sure if any of you were able to attend the Lewis & Clark Enviro Studies Symposium last week. There were many discussions about the Anthropocene concept.

A short video that will be helpful if it is new to you is below:


I’ve been tracking ideas like this since I picked up a copy of McKibben’s The […]

Thomas Doherty weekend Conservation Psychology course at Lewis & Clark Graduate School

After psychologist Thomas Doherty consulted about the Portland Airport’s new food waste diversion program in 2012, the “Sort It and Win” program became more popular with employees and results improved 59%.*

Why did this happen?  Thomas applied some basic psychology principles to the program.

If you are interested in learning more about the links between psychology, conservation, and sustainability, consider attending the Conservation Psychology course at Lewis & Clark Graduate School, October 25-26, 2014.

This […]

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Thomas Doherty Q/A featured in Portland Monthly Magazine Health



Thomas Doherty was featured in the July Health Section of Portland Monthly Magazine and mentioned in Zach Dundas’ editor’s note, Living the Good Life, PDX-Style.

Thomas discusses how connecting with nature make us healthier and that time outdoors correlates with mental health. Thomas talks about ecopsyhcology and personal sustainability which includes getting enough rest and exercise.

Thomas prescribes expanding the classic […]

Thomas Doherty highlighted in National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability


Thomas Doherty was highlighted in recent National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability produced by The Center for Green Schools. Thomas Doherty was named as an “industry leader” in the Research section of the report (p.26) and quoted:”As Dr. Thomas Doherty, President of the American Psychological Association’s Division 34 (Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology) observes: ‘The idea of Education for Sustainability […]

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June Workshop: Nature, Health, Access: The Restorative Effects of Nature

Nature, Health, Access: The Restorative Effects of Nature

Date:  SAT June 28
Time:  9:00am PDT
Location: Lewis & Clark, TBD
Are there issues regarding access to healthy natural spaces in our community? How can we determine needs and solutions?
This workshop will review some of the latest findings regarding the health benefits of green spaces and near-by nature and how these benefits […]

Earth Day in the Here and (Long) Now

In Honor of Earth Day, a guest post from my colleague Darrin Gunkel
—Thomas Doherty

Let’s wish everyone a Happy Earth Day, but carefully around environmentalists of a certain ilk. You may know the type: “Every day is Earth Day!” they’ll say, kind of like my grandmother chiding me for complaining one Father’s Day that there was […]

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